Shirley is fantastic at providing a framework that ensures complex groups of senior managers all come together – communication, planning, action delivery, etc.  You always know with Shirley that if you commit to an action, then she’ll ensure you deliver in full and on-time!  Shirley is a pleasure to work with.

Tim Standen

Shirley has been very supportive in the compilation of my Employee Handbook, a huge task.   She was able to correct the Handbook and undertake lots of cross-checking.  Because of Shirley’s support, I have been able to get the task finished with far less hassle than I would have done alone.  I have saved myself valuable time by having Shirley’s support.  She is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her.

Julia Ramsden

Shirley is very task focused with the necessary initiative and assertiveness required when working with Board members and dealing with senior clients.

Tim Dugher

Shirley is an extremely capable and efficient person who is well suited to working at Board level.

Peter Rigby

Shirley has been a delight to work with and, as a founder of a new business, has shown immense professionalism in her due diligence and approach.  It has been a pleasure to become Shirley’s Insurance Broker because of her professional and friendly approach, and I wish Shirley every success with her business venture.

Julian Dent


Shirley is a very well organised and effective person with great interpersonal skills. Shirley would be an asset to any organisation she works with.

Rob Baxter

I would highly recommend Shirley, she is extremely professional and provides a reliable service.  Shirley went out of her way to help when faced with my own tight deadline, and I would definitely use her services again.

Paul O'Leary

I started needing Shirley’s support in August 2016 to assist me with various secretarial services and have not looked back since! I keep coming back to her as she is always able to contribute with an effective and personal approach that gets me the right results. Not to mention the speed in turning around the work, which I find priceless.

Israel Weltscher

Shirley is an outstanding organiser / coordinator / deliverer of diverse tasks. What sets her apart is her energy, determination, pro-activity and good-natured approach. She is an awesome “deliverer of stuff “. Shirley is always on time, produces work of great quality and usually way above expectations.

Richard Morgan

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LastPass, Linkedin, Outlook, RecurPost, Twitter, Facebook, Lumen5, SurveyMonkey, Todoist, Trello.