Overcoming Writer’s Block with Digital Transcription

Apr 10, 2018 | Digital Transcription

Audio typing is a thing of the past…

Absolutely not!  So, in this Blog, I’m going to tell you how I discovered that audio typing had gone Digital, how it can save small businesses and freelancers a huge amount of time and money, whilst bringing organisation to any work place. This absolute gem, and arguably a forgotten office tool, has been fantastically re-vamped and it’s just become one of the most exciting services I offer at Virtual Office Box.  Digital Transcription.


Why do I like this service so much?

It’s been three decades since providing audio typing to the Manager at a High Street Bank.

Director’s identity has been protected!

Subsequently, I provided audio typing as a Personal Assistant in London to an ambitious Director.  It was fun to throw on the earphones and type his notes – occasionally with some hilarious revelations.  He would take his voice recorder everywhere and often record between meetings, to form an ‘account’ of his day which he could refer back to at short notice once typed.  Within this recording he might request “please send an email to…” or “can you set up a meeting with…” etc.  It was a genius and innovative use of audio.


Digital transcription has become sought after

Since founding Virtual Office Box, I considered the services to offer my clients and was highly excited to learn Audio typing had become digital and ‘Digital Transcription’ was a ‘thing’!  It was like being reacquainted with an old friend and I promptly added this to my niche services. Not just because I enjoy it, but because I understand its flexibility as a tool – even in my teens, twenties, and even now (age withheld) it can be so valuable to many businesses, if only they knew it’s worth.

The not-so-big delivery

It has been a few months since I took delivery of my new Olympus software, a pedal and earphones. I admit to begin with I was startled how small my package was – with no audio cassette player it seemed slightly odd!  But it did give me a buzz to know these items were transportable and would compliment my remote Virtual Office services.  I could transcribe audio from any location, and my Clients could record and securely send their audio again, from any location.

A great alternative to minute taking

Minute taking is a sought after and specialist service and without relentless practice, it can be difficult for anybody joining meetings, to get it right.  Digital transcription is a very flexible, accurate and speedy service.  It is likely to be more successful for meetings or interviews with a smaller participation of say 1-6 attendees. Transcription that aims to capture what was said, rather than exactly how it was said, is called Intelligent Verbatim Transcription. When transcribing a speech or interview the main priority is usually to capture what was spoken about and not every “um” and “you know”.


Digital transcription often supports:

  • Solicitors
  • MBA Graduate interviews
  • Journalists [ stories / pieces].
  • Business owners
  • Clinical Psychologist reports
  • Blog writers
  • Podcasters

Digital transcription offers flexibility to businesses

When I return the transcribed document to my Client, they have the flexibility in being able to copy and paste, edit and re-format the transcription and make subtle changes in accordance with their needs. One of the strongest benefits to digital transcription aside its flexibility, is the opportunity to extract “actions” from the transcription because it’s an accurate account of the meeting and what was agreed.

Any misunderstanding of allocated actions can be clarified by referring to the completed transcription and/or their audio recording. Producing sets of minutes in a relatively short turnaround can convey a huge sense of professionalism, within any organisation or industry.  With Virtual Office Box, turnaround of minutes can be from anything between 24 hours to 5 days (subject to charging scale).

Businesses are appreciating this service so much, that interviews, grievance hearings, and even podcasts are becoming transcribed from audio so the text can be integrated into their social media content marketing.

Case study

I received a request from a friend some time ago, to quote for minute taking on-site, attending some of her Company’s grievance meetings.  Whilst I do not provide minute taking as a service, I suggested we have a quick chat to discuss what was causing an issue ‘back at the office’.


What Was Wrong

It seemed the HR Department were unable to produce minutes as quickly as they would like, often causing a back-log.  They had attempted to record some audio from the meetings with the use of a ‘Scribe Pen’ but critical meetings were not being recorded correctly and having investigated this for them, reported back the device was not suitable for their needs. Given their experiences, I had no doubt Digital Transcription would be a quicker, cheaper and more accurate solution to recording their meetings.



I submitted a proposal to introduce Digital Transcription to them, which was approved on a trial basis, and supported them through the buying and implementation of their equipment so I could get started.  It is incredibly important to be confident you have the correct recording device, because if the quality of the recording is compromised, it will take longer to type and the cost could be greater.



This was a large organisation and I was delighted to have found a solution to their problem, knowing they can move forward with confidence that their meetings will be recorded accurately and at speed.

Complimentary consultation

If your business would benefit from my Digital Transcription service, do get in touch.  I offer a complimentary consultation and would be happy to discuss your requirements.  Email: shirley@virtualofficebox.com.


Some of The Tools I Use

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