Virtual Assistant, Milton Keynes

Providing Business Owners with specialist office support from a remote location. A Virtual Assistant will save you time, money and likely your sanity.

Hi, I’m Shirley


I’m a Freelance Virtual Assistant and Business Owner at Virtual Office Box.

When you outsource office tasks and projects to me, this saves you time.  Because I save you time, your productivity increases.

My existing clients tell me they make more money and have greater choice in how to spend their new-found time.

My clients outsource tasks they:

  • Don’t want to do.
  • Don’t have the time to do, or
  • Don’t know how to do.

Maybe you have existing support but need more specific tasks covered?

Take Andrew for example – who got in touch via my contact me page.

I recently launched a new product and never predicted I’d be this busy.

For the last six months, I have worked very long unsociable hours, managing all the office tasks and a never-ending to-do pile on my desk.

I dictate client notes on my voice recorder but no longer have office support to transcribe these for me.

Could I send these audio files to you and outsource other tasks?  (I may need your help identifying these).

Can we talk?

Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant is a great investment.

You just pay for the tasks that are outsourced.  Not a penny more.

Check out the Benefits here and see just how you too, can have support.

Here’s What We Did….

Andrew took my 2-minute VA Test.  It is a fast and effective way of identifying high-value tasks that he could be doing, whilst outsourcing others to me, even some of the confidential ones.

What Tasks…


Don't You Want To Do


Can’t Do


Don't Know How To Do


No Support?

Many business owners burn the candle at both ends managing their business.

But there are as many that invest in the support of a Virtual Assistant because they really do understand the value they add to their team.

Say Hello!

If you don’t feel ready for a discussion, feel free to say hello, simply email me with any questions, I will be pleased to help.

Have a good week!



Not Sure What Help You Need?

Email me the results of your 2-minute ‘outsourcing exercise’ and book a complimentary 30 minute ‘how I can help’ discussion.

Amazing Benefits

See the benefits of having a Virtual Assistant without the need for a permanent employee.

Take the 2-minute Outsourcing Exercise

Save yourself time and money!

Lisa and I met for a coffee.  Here’s what she said.

Shirley is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic VA who goes the extra mile to make sure she understands your requirements. She came to our first meeting having done her research thoroughly and with observations and questions, I hadn’t considered. If you’re looking for some business support, I can highly recommend her.

Lisa Emmington

Two Minute Challenge
Take my ‘2-minute challenge’ to identify what tasks you currently manage and what you could outsource.


Let's Talk
Drop me a line and let’s set up a call (or a meeting if you are local).

We can discuss the results of the 2-minute challenge, and how we would work together.

Telephone: 07880 503 123


Let's Get Started
With a brief signing of my Terms of Business I can begin supporting you either on an ad-hoc basis or long term.

It really is support tailored to suit you and your business.

“The great dividing line between success and failure can be expressed in five words: I did not have time.”

Frank Field

Some of The Tools I Use

Asana, Adobe Pro DC, Buffer, Canva, Dropbox, Evernote, Gmail Calendar, Microsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, OneDrive), Hootsuite

LastPass, Linkedin, Outlook, RecurPost, Twitter, Facebook, Lumen5, SurveyMonkey, Todoist, Trello.